How to get an FWB?

After having relationships go sour. Now I feel I just need a f*** buddy.

So my question is how do I get that? Any tips or advices?


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  • Yeah sure. All relationships start the same way. You meet up on a date, proceed to have sex sometime after. What determines whether it becomes a relationship or FWB are the following factors;

    - How often you see the girl. If you only see them once a week, it's a good start for a FWB.

    - What you do with the girl. If you just drive to each other's houses, have sex, then leave, it's a FWB. If you sleep over, have dinner together and hold hands at the supermarket etc, it's most likely not one.

    - Whether you have talked with the girl about what's happening between you, and what was said. If you state that you're not looking for a full-on relationship right now and she agrees, the intention is there at least for a FWB. However if you've talked to each other about seeing each other exclusively, then you're probably going out.

    - If you are not looking for other girls on the side, you probably like the girl and it's not a FWB (to you)

    - If you don't make an effort to meet her friends and avoid functions with her, you're more an FWB

    So yeah, basically whether a rel becomes an FWB is determined largely by what you do after the first time you have sex.

    • Mmm is it a good idea asking an ex for an FWB...

      I feel it would be better cause I know she doesn't have anything like stds.

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    • Ok. Thanks. Mmm now just to get that girl then ><....

    • It's not a good idea to ask an ex because an emotional connection has already been made, and you've most likely done all of the above. It'll probably just lead to old feelings coming back. Just find a new girl.

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  • find a friend you know is open to it.

    • How do I bring the convo up?

    • Well I know the guys I have been with were like "how was your first time" or when they talk about sex...

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  • They say, "the best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else. Or have someone else under you."

    I'd think you need to find a girl in the same situation you're in and hope for a compromise.

  • find a guy you think is attractive. tell him you don't want anything from him ather then sex. don't get to know each other. call for sex and sex only when its over the to partys to spend time with each other. I hope your future husband will be ok with this because this isn't how repectable people behave

    • Lol I'm not gay >< :P

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    • Mmm really? then how you become a datable type of guy?

    • That's for me to know and you to find out. lol life experience (not the f*** buddy kind), wisdom, respect, education. skill, morals, ambition, assets, respect, loyalty, chivalry, a six pack a big dong, humility. I'm just saying, its not good for the soul. you get back the energy you put into the world.