Why can't be our men's fantasy :(? Why can't men be happy with what they have?

I see this so much, girls ask if its normal to not look like their bfs favorite porn stars

Then guys TRY to console us by saying "dont worry, theyre just a fantasy." HOW CAN I NOT WORRY THAT IM NOT THE ONE HE FANTASIZES ABOUT? I want to be his EVERYTHING lol Is that really too much to ask for? Some guys even say "if they looked like you, thats when you should worry". Im like tf? How lol Id be happy because I know that my body type turns him on ans is his fantasy as well
Or they say "even if he was with those porn stars, theyd probably look for pics of girls like you. Men like variety"
Obviously, Im not & most of us aren't porn stars, but we still would feel better if those women at least resembled us. Because Ill know that he's happy with my body type at least

Before y'all ask, yes, I only masturbated to my ex boyfriend. I never pictured anyone but him, and he was pretty much my fantasy. Like Marshall from HIMYM, only wanted my "Lily" and only fantasized about my "Lily" (Im a hopeless romantic and when I love someone, I literally cannot even imagine anyone else). So it really hurt to see that he was pleasuring to himself to women who were the complete opposite of me, light skin, big boobs, etc
This is a reason why I just can't date. I'll ask and feel terrible to find out that those women look nothing like me
Even if he's not gonna cheat on me with them, it still makes me feel like im not enough because he *has* to go to other women to get a fast boner

Why can't we be our men's fantasies? :(
Is there any explanation to this shit aside from the ones I already stated? Or do we just have to accept that most men aren't satisfied with just one woman (not talking about infidelity)?
*NOTE I dont mind that men watch porn, I just get hurt when the girls he consistently looks at look nothing like ME. Because it means that he doesn't find my body shape attractive enough for a fast boner. So dont come at me (haha pun) with that "all men watch porn, deal with it"
Why can't be our men's fantasy :(? Why can't men be happy with what they have?
If they dont look like you, you are NOT as physically attractive to him as they are. They are his fantasy
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If the dont look like you, you can still be his fantasy, and enough. (literally makes no sense to me so please explain)
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If they look like you, THEN you should be worried (again, makes no sense. Please explain)
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Ugh. It's like you men can't read! I DON'T CARE if he watches porn. I DON'T CARE if it's always "sexy nurse". I'm worried that the women he deliberately searches for look NOTHING like me. I can be kinky, I can dress up. But if he's searching for white girls with big tits always, I CAN'T become white and grow boobs out of nowhere. THAT'S my issue, that my body type isn't enough to give him a fast boner
Why can't be our men's fantasy :(? Why can't men be happy with what they have?
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