What if he cums before the penetration?

I am a virgin. The guy I will have sex with is also a virgin. I am planning on doing it soon. But, PLEASE help me, I don't know all things sex related.

Let's say we make-out and he gets hard. He eats me out, I give him a handjob, he cums. Then, we want penetration. He cannot just put a condom on his cum-covered penis. Does he have to take a shower every time he cums? So that he can put a condom on a clean penis, or how does it work? Also, if we skip the handjob thing and we go straight to the penetrative sex and there is precum already, maybe while he is still flacid, cause he is innexperienced, we cannot put a condom on, right? He has to clean his dick first. Please, tell me all the necessary things. Step by step. On how everything should go. We never even fooled arouned. This will be our first time.

I am totally inexperienced. Please, help me.
What if he cums before the penetration?
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