How to get rid of sexual frustration?

Hello, straight to the point my new years resolution was to not watch porn again (successful since 01-01-2017) and I had other resolutions too but not the point right now. I mean it's not like I was some addict or something, but I did watch a good amount of porn. It wasn't hard at first (not watching pornography, not my genitals), but sometimes (like 4 times a week) I get this frustration that my body just wants to watch porn, simply masturbating isn't enough (huh? I don't know...) and I don't know, maybe I should watch porn, or there is like any other way I could get rid of this frustration?
Note: I am sexually active... well active-ish, like twice a month or so.
Another off-topic note: Had 3 other resolutions and still kept them (bragging? maybe, hihi)
How to get rid of sexual frustration?
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