Differences between female and male body insecurity?

So I saw a post here asking "who do you think is more insecure about their bodies - girls or guys?"
and the majority said that guys are more insecure about the size of the schlong than girls are about their bodies.

I think the comparison is somewhat unfair, since it seems to me that the source of insecurity is different in each case:
* Girls body insecurity stems from within - I've been on this site for a while now and haven't encountered ONE example where guys go straight out and say that they like only big breasts, or an ass shaped in a certain way. In all the poles posted on female body preference there is always a distribution of preferences - some vote they like big breasts and some vote small, some thin and some "something more substantial to grab" and so on.

* Guys body insecurity stems from blunt female preference - There are a lot of women saying they crave a big penis, and even when some girls say it doesn't matter it seems like they are either lying to protect males egos or are inexperienced. The latter remark is especially enhanced when an occasional girl confesses that when girls talk among themselves they mostly admit that size is really important.

I am a great example for this - I have an average penis and never in my life thought it's an issue, just like if a girl is small breasted or has a few extra pounds - it has no impact on me.
Only after randomly reading an article where women talk about size did the whole insecurity issue arise. Since then I've been searching for answers on different sites only to find out that it is an issue for many girls.

Do you think it's fair to make such a comparison? What's your opinion on the matter?
Differences between female and male body insecurity?
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