Is it normal for your guy friend to lay on top of you or does he have feelings?

Alright ill try and keep this brief for you. He's basically my only friend, he's gotten me through many tough times. At one point, i was feeling really depressed, and i didn't know what to do, so i texted him to ask if i could talk with him. It was like 2:00 in the morning. So he traveled from his house and took the 50 minutes drive to my house. He basically walked into my house, (he has a key) and he just walked into my room, and laid on top of me all night. He kissed my forehead, and then he had his face buried into my neck, his legs were between mine, and he wrapped his arms around me from under my back. For whatever reason i wasn't depressed anymore when he was with me. I felt happy, and we actually fell asleep together like that. Ever sense then, we always do that now, he'll just lay on top of me, between my legs, sometimes he'll have his hands on my waist, sometimes next to me. We have a very close friendship, and we'll wrestle, with him usually pinning my wrists down and once again laying on top of me. He always manuvers between my legs. But im completely ok with it. We don't really have boundaries with one another. Now, this doesn't mean im a slut. I've never had sex or even a first kiss. And yes i feel his erection but i figure, "hes a guy".

Now, i do have one other friend, she thinks he likes me, but he'll talk to me about girls he likes. I dont know why i just get angry whenever he talks about them. Like for example when he talks about how he was at a party and he made out with some girl, i get furious, but i dont show it.

Is this normal? Do your guy friends do this with you if you are in a bad time in your life, or you just want to be with them?
Is it normal for your guy friend to lay on top of you or does he have feelings?
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