Girls with abs fetish?

So basically, my boyfriend works out and plays football and rugby, so he's like really ripped. I especially love his abs. It's a six pack now, but he's working towards an eight pack. Just thinking of those extra 2 bumps of hard solid muscle makes me hot and bothered.

In bed, I love to run my hands all over his abs and even lick and kiss each of them. I love how his abs would flex at my touch. It turns me on so much.

Even when we're not having sex, I like to casually tug at his shirt when we're on our own so that he'll lift his shirt up for me to feel his amazing abs.

I've even thought of maybe rubbing my vagina up and down his abs while he flexes them. I heard from a girlfriend of mine that when she does that with her guy, it's the hottest thing ever, besides from penetration of course.

Any girls here with an abs fetish too? How do you like to enjoy your guy's abs? ;)
Girls with abs fetish?

And yes, this is my boyfriend during a gym session. I love to see his abs and pecs flex when he works out so if I go to the gym with him, I purposely make him take off his shirt. We usually end up having sex after that.
Girls with abs fetish?
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