Good guy vs. Bad guy (woman)- who is better in bed?


Of course this cannot obviously apply on ALL, but - let´s consider the majority (even if it were like 2/3). I apologize for the wording if it comes out wrong, it is in no way meant to be offensive or anything like that. I came across this article on my home page saying that GoodGuys (GG) are better in bed than BadGuys (BG).

They made their case by describing the most common personality traits and a study:

GG: self-confident but not arogant, emotionally stable, consider other people equally important and value their family/friends/SO means, keep most of their promises (call if they said they would), reliable, intimate, have better attitude towards children
BG: self-confident but arogant, otherwise the opposite of above, love only the best picture of their SO (when s/he gets upset, sad, has her period or has break-outs on her skin, they tend to avoid her/him, they´re not there for their SO, when they needs them.

Study included 500 uni students: those who were considered as "kind" by women had sex more often, were in long-terms relationships more often or longer. Second part of the study hypothesized that if guys that would donate the winning in the lottery to charity (if they won) were getting more sex than those who wouldn't give anything. It also said that kind people are equally competitive or assertive.

Stereotype appparantly says that kind means weak and it actually isn´t true.

I realize that the article does not evaluate the quality of sex, just the frequency.

To be honest if I should compare sex with GG and BG, the GG were more attentive (not necessarily more gentle ;-) ) and I enjoyed it more than with BG (had 3) which I´d describe as porn-like "banging".

The questions are: What are your experiences - can you compare? Do you agree with the article - do you want to elaborate on it? Write anything that comes to your mind to this topic really...
Good guy vs. Bad guy (woman)- who is better in bed?
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