Rejected because of my sexual past? Help me to be together with him?

I make it short.

I've had a 3rd date with a guy and he rejected me because of my sexual past

He said "I might say sth that might insult you or make you feel judged but please understand that is not my intention. I dont want to waste our boths time and so will ask you straight-forward about your sexual past. Remember that i dont judge you but i want to make sure we are compitable so i would appreciate if you could be honest about it. I dont ask you about your sexual number count, no, but i ask you about your values. I personally dont separate love and sex and have sex only in relationships and so i want my partner to have the same views on sex. So i ask you, have you only had sex in relationships or not? "

I did not...

So he politely said that it will never work out between us and it would be better if we try to meet others. We ended the date after finishing eating and he brought me home and paid for the 3 dates we had (we shared the bill because i wanted) because he felt like he wasted my time and money enough.

I feels terrible, i never xpected that my sexual past could ever affect my future. I was stupid to think that i can do whatever the shit i want and then be accepted.

Normally i wouldn't care if some date rejected me but he was different. We knew us for 3 years. In the last 2 years he helped me finishing my degree and helped me studying and learning (he teached me privately for free) and then he helped me finding a own house for me and helped me renovate and move there, he helped me finding a job and was there for me when my parents divorced. I liked him for more than 1 year now and he is the most perfect man for me. He has everything i want and i love everything about him. I hate it that my past destroyed everything, especially because i had these casual encounters within the 3 years i knew him. I knew how he thought about sex but i hoped we will end together.

Is there anything i can do? This is the guy i want to marry, help me please.
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For everyone that is interested, we are now in a relationship and its goes very well! He saw my effort to be with him and decide to ignore my past and to become my future. I am fucking happy now.

Like i expected, he is the best guy for me i could ever have, he is perfect.

Thanks for all your answers!!

I love you all 😗😗😗
Rejected because of my sexual past? Help me to be together with him?
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