I took a Shower With My Brother Was It Wrong?

My brother and I both remember when we were very young and Mom used to put us both in the bath tub or in the shower together. I must have been only seven or so and my brother six. I don't remember what prompted us to do this bu recently my brother and I decided to do it again and we took a shower together.

We took turns soaping each other down and after we showered we took turns drying each other off. It was kind of fun, even though we both laughed and giggled about it the whole time.

I have told a couple of my girlfriends about my brother and I showering together, and they all think it is a bit creepy and wouldn't even think about showering with their siblings. It did bring my brother and I closer together and shouldn't be considered creepy at all.

I have only told my girlfriends about our showering experience, but not any guys until now What do you guys think?
I took a Shower With My Brother Was It Wrong?
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