Why do girls refuse to have anal?

Usually girls get ready to have vaginal sex but when it comes to anal they usually refuse it and all of a sudden they get irritated
Why is it so


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  • I would think the same reason a guy would refuse anal either from a strap-on or another guy. Unless he was into that sort of thing!

    • Fuck off
      Bullshit answer you seems to be gay or lesbo

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    • @KRock323 cheers man. It's only right though. How many men all of a sudden wouldn't want anal if that was the only way? Haha

    • Why are you so upset abhi440? It was nothing to do with you! I was just say I that some people are into it and others aren't! It's really a case of " To each their own!!

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  • Probably because they don't like the idea of something being stuck up their ass, because of hygiene concerns and because of pain. I assume that you are willing to take a dick sized object up your ass? Maybe if you do it first then you can ease some of their concerns.


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  • Preparing yourself in order to make anal sex pleasurable takes a long time and can be quite uncomfortable. Many women receive no pleasure from anal at all really and instead just experience discomfort and perhaps some pain. Many just don't see why they should put themselves through that and not enjoy it when vaginal sex is pleasurable and takes way less preparation.

  • It's painful, really uncomfortable and it's awkward AF.. (for me at least.) Even if you're the cleanest girl ever, that's literally where poop comes from and it could end REALLY badly and I don't wanna chance that! Also I worry about the potential damage it could cause.

    • Then You're Doing It Wrong, Research How To Have Anal With Zero Pain And 200% Pleasure...

    • That's very possible, but it still makes me feel awkward and gross. I'm not really interested in wanting to enjoy it, but thank you for the advice. :)

    • 😊😊😊😘

  • Better question is why does a straight guy need it so bad?

  • Because it's not the default way of having an orgasm. Second, it requires a lot of preparation to keep it clean and not disgusting at it is. Third try it on yourself and see how you like it. Both male and female have the same part in their butt, for males it can actually be more pleasant because of prostate stimulation.
    Also it's not healthy, can make the muscle weaker.

  • For most of those say it it's painful then never did it correctly. Or the other person didn't. It takes time... lube... patience and lube. Guys who go balls deep at first deserve it right back.

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  • They're often afraid of the pain and/or the potential mess. If you know what you're doing, you can usually convince them to do it. Here're some tips:


  • Do you let them do it to you? It's NOT natural... also they guys that are so into it are selfish and not considerate.

    If you girl doesn't want anal you can find a girl that does... or become gay and do it all the time.

    • Better you should find a gay partner
      I'm not talking about personal but in general
      And that point of discussion in b/n boys and girls Not b/n same sexes

    • Obviously the GAG community agree with me. GUYS want anal are either...
      Porn addicts that haven't had sex
      closet Bi/Gay guys
      or are so small that they ONLY get pleasure from anal.

  • Because what is unnatural and wrong. The Anus isn't meant for things to go into it only out of it. That is why nerves are there, to sense when we have to go bathroom.

    Anal sex can lead to internal bleeding, rupture the anal cavity, cause Gonnoreha which causes infertility, a whole other deal. Anal sex is a fetish from porn and is sick. That is why they don't want to have it.

  • - It can be painful
    -Don't want STD's since you have a higher risk of contracting STD's through anal
    - It could be for cultural or religious reasons since some religions are against anal sex

    At the end of the day you cannot force someone to participate in something they don't like. No means no.

  • One, because its a non-conventional form of sex, two it sounds disgusting and undignified, Three, its extremely painful the first few times they try it.

    However, a lot of women who do try it a few times and get over the painful stage seem to enjoy it quite a bit.

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