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How can intimacy be hot in the car?

Me and my boyfriend makeout many times in his car. we used 2 makeout at my house but we still live with parents so once got caught. I'm 20 and he's 23. I love French kissing him , everything feels normal and makes me stress free and at peace. we kiss slow fast gentle rough. we dry hump, I have given him blowjobs, we do different positions without actually doing the real thing, like with clothes on, he sucks my nipples, fingered me. I always ride him and am on top and dry hump and moan and it doesn't make me feel insecure or nervous. I like feeling his part and like when it gets beg in my mouth. once he was behind me and thrusting into me from behind hugging me ( with clothes) he has never had his actual penis in me but its because I dont feel ready yet and fear of getting pregnant no matter what. he even brought condoms once and I was surprised, but still not ready. we are both short like I'm 5 ft and he's 5'3 but its all great. he's my first boyfriend but I don't know how it all feels normal and he says I'm getting better, but he understands wen I tell him I'm not ready, when we start making out and stuff I mostly initiate it and it feels good and he's warm and it feels nice lol, how can it be hotter and exciting next time without doing the real thing?
How can intimacy be hot in the car?
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