Why do women deny the fact they prefer bigger dicks and in some cases even huge dicks?

This isn't a "does size matter" question. The fact is the overwhelming majority of women openly or secretly want a big dick. If you don't believe me go checkout the responses on any dick question on here. Even when they say it doesn't matter its something along the lines of "I don't need a big dick if I love him there's more to a relationship" "They may not need a huge one but they want a "bigger" one. 6" is the actual minimum threshold for what most women find pleasurable rather than just tolerable. What's even worse is most women try and downplay the importance of sex in a relationship. Its not everything but it is important. Period. I understand there are a minority of women who want a small or average penis but its almost impossible to know who they actually are because so many women downplay their love of larger dicks and sex in general. I guess my issue isn't the. way that women love bigger dicks its the fact that they tend to lie about it. If im not what you actually truly want by all means go away. Reading the poll I've linked below made my stomach turn 1/3 of the women wished their partners dick was bigger. I think its because they can still take advantage of an average guy for resources and children while they sleep with someone else on the side. They don't want to ruin their chances with 50% + of all men out there because they gain more from a relationship than just sex its not their first priority. If you do not agree with me just look at these numbers... https://www.misterpoll.com/polls/368041/results
Why do women deny the fact they prefer bigger dicks and in some cases even huge dicks?
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