I love my boyfriend but he doesn’t turn me on anymore!! help?

Ok so I’ve been with my guy for 3 years! we also have a baby together and both have kids from a previous relationship. we had an amazing sex life together even throughout my pregnancy. after the baby I had the coil fitted (neither of us want anymore baby’s) I have found since my coil has been fitted I get really wet down there (gross but might be relevant) the last few months I’m literally just losing interest in sex because I’m bored! there's no passion, no kissing etc no warning he kind of just sticks his fingers in and then we have sex. even then I’m not really turned on but I love him and I love sex. generally I can come if I’m on top but if I’ve instigated sex than I’ve given him foreplay so he’s so much more ready than me! so will come before me and I end up really frustrated! same as oral! he will get off and then go to sleep or what ever. I've told him there’s no passion anymore, I’ve bought outfits, sex toys etc to spice things up we have used them once. its always the same so I’m getting to the point where I’d rather not bother. i don’t feel like he still finds me attractive as there’s just zero effort or thought for my needs! He never kisses me passionately anymore. we do cuddle up etc so there is affection we do have a really good relationship it’s just our sex life that I have an issue with. Any advice appreciated
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Thanks for all ur advice guys and girls!! i did speak to him! and he said coming home to me and the kids is enough for him. the rest isn’t so important right now while the kids are little he knows once the youngest is bigger we will get back to how we were!! but understands it’s important to me. so has been making much more effort. we have a babysitter for next weekend and we’re off on a date night x
I love my boyfriend but he doesn’t turn me on anymore!! help?
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