How do I Realize My Aunt and Mom about their Mistake?

Hi, I grew up in a poor family in a Asian country, and I lived in a very rural village, Me and my mom were financially dependent on my Aunt, My aunt was a harsh village women And we used to belongs to a lower caste (tribes ) in the village, as compare to Rich upper cast people.

When I was 12, years old, One day, two women from a rich upper caste family came to my aunt s house, they told that their milkman had not come and their cows are remained un- milked today, and they were wanting help to get their cows milked, but because they belonged to a upper cast family, and my aunt and mom were from lower caste family so they were not allowed to go their home.

And only my mom knew how to milk a cow, so my aunt got a tricked, he called me and asked me to strip down quickly, I was 12 years and did not want but I was threatened, and I had to strip nude and I had to go on my knee, than my aunt asked my mom to teach those two women, how to milk a cow using my penis, at first my mom hesitated but later she started milking my tiny dangling penis like it was a real udder of a cow, it was a painful, traumatic and humiliating experience for me, I could not say to aunt as I was scared of her but later on I argued with mom, but she said to me it was my fault by telling me that 10-12 days ago, after bath I was changing my clothes (underwear) and by chance my aunt got to see my tiny penis, and at that day when aunt didn't find anything similar to cow's udder, she used my penis in place of udder, my mom did not accept her or aunt's mistake she said I should have been more careful when changing clothes, Was that my fault at Age of just 12 years?
How do I Realize My Aunt and Mom about their Mistake?
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