Does a woman who smokes turn a man on?

I've been a light smoker since I was 16. 3 or 4 cigarettes a day. Maybe 1/2 a pack on the rare occasions that I drink. I am always courteous. I began dating this guy who is a non smoker about 4 months ago. He is an gentleman with a capital G. When we first started dating I noticed that whenever I smoked, he would get close to me and I saw a pattern of him kissing me after I finished my cigarette. At first I felt bad for him. Surely my breath had to be gross. He didn't seem to mind though as the kisses were long and quite passionate. Then, one day I took a chance. We had been dating about 2 months and hadn't had sex yet. He was next to me when I was smoking and I inhaled deeply on my cigarette and blew a huge cloud of smoke in his face. I unleashed an animal and we had the best sex I've had in 46 years. He confessed that he gets turned on by watching woman smoke. Not only that, blowing smoke in his face gets him hard IMMEDIATELY. I've done it out of the blue when I'm horny and BOOM, he right on top of me. He was watching his Cowboys Thursday and I felt the urge. I lit a cigarette and blew a couple clouds in his face and the football game was forgotten. I'm enjoying the sex and I really like him. I'm not complaining. I'm having fun actually. But, I have never heard of this type of fetish. Anyone else experience this?
Does a woman who smokes turn a man on?
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