I feel bad for lying to my bf?

This Monday i lied to my boyfriend of 5 months. It was night time and he felt horny and wanted to have sex with me but i lied to him and told him i dont feel great because i wasn't horny for sex this day.

I expected him to just accept it and go to sleep but i was wrong. He was worried about me, he took care of me as if i was really ill and when i went to sleep he gently brought me to him to cuddle and caressing my body. The next morning he continued to keep care of me and asked with worried eyes if i am feeling better now. I said yes and he was really happy.

It was incredibly sweet what he did for me, non of my previous partners have done anything like that, not even my ex boyfriend of 4 years cared about it if i was truly dead sick and he never touched me this way, he touched me always sexually while my boyfriend touched me with care and love.

This was when i realised that my boyfriend is truly a fantastic person. Compared to my past he is an angel, in my past i used to fuck these stupid bad boys, but now i see what a great guy truly looks like (btw he is far hotten than any other guy i had).
I know for sure i love my boyfriend and this is probably the frst time i really love.

Now i feel so bad for lying to him and to make him worry about me.

I want to do sth to him far more fantastic than anything he ever got but i have no idea what. Please dont say sex, this is sth he usually always gets from me.
I need sth incredibly special.

Do you have any ideas?
Girls, how is your bf? How does he react when you are sick? What is it that makes your boyfriend for you? Compared to past (sexual) partners, how does he compare? What do you give to him.
I feel bad for lying to my bf?
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