Is it normal that I kept shivering for like 10 mins after I came?

I was trying to get some sleep so I thought maybe cumming will help get me there fast but it took me like an hour and then after I came I started shievering then stoping then shivering again and I lasted that way I don't know how long but it felt like along time like 10 mins and I just couldn't stop it felt like whenever I stop I get stimulated again then I managed to get my hands off it was the wierdest thing I have ever experienced I shievered before but this time is different I feel like my feet r electrified or smthg ik I have a weird body I thought I have felt it all but wtf I'm serious wtf just happened I'm just amaized is this normal have anyone ever felt like this before I feel like everyday I discover smthg new and I should quit masterbating bc its effecting my sanity
Is this like a sign I should stop? If any girls felt like this please let me know anonymously if u want or maybe say yes and ill pm you I m curious
Could other issues be the reason of experiencing new stuff and my body is trying to release them in this way?
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I didn't have fun I should've slept sns now I'm tired and I feel like my body is a mess
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No offence but I just want to hear women now it sounds good but on not in a goof mood and I want sleep I want someone that can understand me
Is it normal that I kept shivering for like 10 mins after I came?
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