Is it ok to give sexual extra's during massages if your boyfriend agreed with it?

I'm an independent masseuse. Started doing it at 18 in Colombia and I learned from a friend who was also a masseuse for longer, that she gave guys a handjob every now and then, word would go around and it would get business booming. I never did it for cash, just for "advertisement". I admit that, since I always stayed single and I am very open minded, I might have overdone it a little. In the US, guys don't really expect it to happen since things are cleaner than back in Colombia, but since I was the only masseuse in the neighborhood who was known to do something sexual, word spread real quick I get mails and calls all the time. I also admit that since I have been single for so long, I have given blowjobs, rimjobs and even had sex with quite some clients, even though that was just as much in my interest.

Now I have a boyfriend. I tried to make him clear that I was never looking to bind myself to someone since I live differently than most women. But he was really in love and wanted to look past what I do and even try a semi-open relationship. I gave it a chance and we've been together for almost two years. We did make a deal: I was allowed to do what I need to do to keep business as it was, which is (sorry if it's too much details) uncover only my breast for clients, give a handjob and they can finish on me, not in me. I would do that to max 3 clients a week. I thought he was going to break since I did this to a lot of his friends and colleagues, but he even looked past that. At first it seemed like that was more than enough, but lately I have crossed the line a couple times. Every time it's with clients who don't cum easily. It started with guys wanting to see my butt to cum. Then some who needed some spit. Then a couple times I did lick some guys, not giving full blowjobs, just some licking. Last week I totally went too far by swallowing one guy's semen. Then I told EVERYTHING to my boyfriend, but he forgives me? Do you think we can keep this up?
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The thing is, I don't get how he can be ok with a girlfriend who makes other guys cum. He's good to me but I feel so weird with him letting me do this since I wouldn't want him to do the same things. I mean, 20 of his colleagues have jizzed on my face and he doesn't even care? It almost makes me angry at him for not caring...
Is it ok to give sexual extra's during massages if your boyfriend agreed with it?
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