Should I tell him how I feel or completely ignore him?

Well I plan on ignoring him anyway I mean this guy took advantage of me never cared and has blatantly been mean to me acting like I’m his prostitute and his doll and I le him treat me this way because I just want someone to save me from my situation I’m in. Instead yesterday he proceeded to tell me he didn’t care bout my situation and didn’t care and did I want him to care and he said he didn’t he begged me to come out with him downtown and he made me come down there I expect he wanted to hang out with me but afterwards we just left to his house he got what he wanted and kicked me out and said he was tired that was my last straw and he always tells me lies and it’s not like we were anything serious but the fact a human being Can treat me the way he has is disgusting. We work together or it be easier to ignore. He will try to talk to me toget sex out of me but I’m tired of it. Should I tell him how I feel ( it will make me get teary eyed) I want to ask him how he can treat someone who genuinely wanted to be nice like he has or I can be silent
Tell him anyway DESPITE U MIGHT CRY Ahow you feel then go silent
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Silent treatment him. He knows what he’s done.
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Should I tell him how I feel or completely ignore him?
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