My crush asked me for nudes?

Ok so since I was about 13 this boy has liked me. He’s a family friend but I don’t see him often. I saw him at an event about 6 months ago and he texted me saying “you’re looking really sexy xxxx” and just flirted for a bit. He does this everytime he sees me for a day and then disappears. In Summer 2016 he even asked me to be his safety wife haha! i just laughed it off because that’s just silly.
I saw him at a wedding yesterday, and he flirted the whole time, winking at me and sending me texts like hey beautiful xxx.
When I came home he messaged me saying I looked great and all that. He started to say I’m really horny and that he’d fuck me. I got a bit annoyed because he had seen me after so long, and then he asked for nudes. Anyways after him kind of begging (in a nice way saying babeeee come on, what’s it gonna take blah blah) I said goodnight and he replied with kisses.
Was I wrong to say no?
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I forgot to mention that I also like him like crazy. But I’m not the type to send nudes just because my crush showed interest once. It feels like he wants to see my naked body more than getting to know me
My crush asked me for nudes?
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