Have you ever seen somebody's private parts in public?

So private parts... they're "private", and we all try to keep them covered up, and it's considered pretty embarrassing in most cultures if your private parts show in public. And "private parts", in almost all cultures, are the same for both men and women... the butt and genitalia for both genders... and the breasts for women.

But regardless, sometimes, it can be interesting to hear stories about that stuff... mainly because it's socially unacceptable, and doesn't happen often. Sometimes it's sexy if the person is good looking, other times it's just gross/disturbing, etc.

As for me, personally, it was gross/disturbing, but also kind of funny. It was back in high school, when I was in 10th grade, when I was 16, and two guys were having a fight. One of them had on long pants, and the other had on the school gym shorts, which were knee length, but since the guy with long pants was on top of him pinning him to the ground, and his knees were up, they slipped down got A LOT shorter. They were practically briefs! I even doubted they were really the school gym shorts at first. I was like, "Damn, those are some really short shorts!"

Then all of a sudden... a hard dick about 6-7 inches appeared near his thighs. The guy had gotten a fucking hard on in the middle of the fight. Everyone then laughed and shouted, "His dick is showing! His dick is showing!" Then the other guy with long pants just got off and backed away, and the guy himself just said, "Sorry! I'm wearing really loose boxers, and they don't exactly keep my junk in place." As he got up, I saw they were indeed the knee length school shorts, but boy did they look short when he was pinned!

Everyone from then on made fun of that guy for being "gay." He got a hard on from fighting with another guy, what does that make him? Gay indeed.

That's the only time I saw someone's private parts in public... and it was a guy's dick... why couldn't it have been a sexy GIRL!
Have you ever seen somebody's private parts in public?
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