Why Are Feminist & SJW Hypocrites?

This is based on my real life experience, college, and online. This isn't true for all individuals but I'm speaking of a trend.

I know Racial/Ethnic Minorites who are against the idea of a superior race but then when it suits them they love to express how superior they are. - "Black don't crack, Asians don't raisin, White people food has no flavor, White girls are ugly and pale and look boring, color is better, Pride, etc"

Feminist-Women are against sexism but they will make harsh comments towards men. - "Women are better, we don't bald, we don't need men cause sex toys are better, if the world was run by women there wouldn't be wars, women are stronger, we give birth, live longer, have better fashion/style, are better leaders, write better and more successful books franchises - Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, 50 Shades of Grey, etc"

Many LBGTQ couples argue that they want to be treated and seen as equal and hate when straight couples act superior to them but then when it suits them they love to express how Superior they are to straight couples. - "Lesbain women/gay men are superior because they have more orgasm, Gays/lesbians are superior cause they have fewer divorces (bad comparison since gays marriage is a recent thing), Gays and Lesbian get along better than straights, gay people are better looking and smarter and more educated in science, GAY PRIDE, we dress better, etc"

They say body shaming is wrong while many shame skinny women "Men love women with meat and curves, only dogs go for bones", Many people who are against body shaming love to make fun of men with small penises - "Donald Trump has a small penis, no wonder he is always mad",

Many people who are against slut shaming love to virgin shame. They believe in "Their body their choice" but will shame a person who has a preference for a partner with a lower number history. Or shame a person who rather dates straight people or cisgender instead of bisexuals and transgender.

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Many of these people who are advocates for equality and hate being judged for what they are will attack the other side for different qualities they have that fall under the same category. Where it doesn't become about being accepted anymore but about attacking the other side until your side is superior. Thoughts?
Why Are Feminist & SJW Hypocrites?
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