Did I experience sexual assault?

I dated this guy that I rejected at the beginning. We became close again then I started dating him. We became intimate and the first time, I was giving him a bj he actually grabbed me really hard from my hair and pushed my face down on his cock so as to deep throat him. I was caught of guard so my gag reflex made me want to throw up. He grabbed me again and said to do it. I was shaking my head saying no But he pushed me again and the same thing happened. I told him No clearly at this point and he stopped. Fast forward next date, we are having rough sex. When his about to cum he pulls away he ask me to suck it. At this point, I do it but soon as the bitter taste hits my mouth I stopped. He asked me to do it and I said no. At this point he slapped my face three times, grabed my hair. I was in total shock. My ex’s never did that... when he pushed my face down I complied. I pulled back and wanted to spit his cum from my mouth he actually grabbed my face and said « what do you think your doing swallow it »and I did. I froze I didn’t know what to say.. but when he wanted to go round 2 I told him no because he didn’t have anymore condoms. He got pissed and told me « your kidding me right » he blamed me for asking him to come quick to our date cuz I was leaving if he didn’t show up (made me wait an hour and a half ) he distant himself from me saying he needs to control n cool off. We ended it at that and he cuddled, kissed and sweet talked.
But my brain keeps replaying it in my head none stop i told him by text what was bothering me. Im okay with rough but I’m not into the slapping and forced deep throathing and he should communicate with me what his intentions are and listen to what I like also...
His reply was that he felt I was off that day... that I was different and we didn’t connect and that we are not a good match.
So I have been crying none stop even though I’m glade his gone for good. Was I assaulted? is my brain trying to down play it that it’s nothing?
+1 y
A detail I forgot to mention is that just beause I scratched his back lightly during the act without doing it on perpous (I had cut my nails) He complained about it like it's the end of the world. plus when I was grabbing his neck playfully to kiss him. He complained again that I will scratch him. he pushed me away and put his own hand on my neck and sad why don't I try making you pass out just for fun... when I pushed his hand away by scrathing him and said NO.. He stopped and laughed
Did I experience sexual assault?
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