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1. Virgin? Proud of it?
2. Into guys or girls?
3. U and current/future partner: screamers, moaners, groaners, heavy breathers, talkers, or silentos?
4. 3some with u & a girl/guy, girl/girl, or guy/guy?
5. Would u sex on a first date?
6. Would u date a religious/nonreligious person if ur opposite?
7. 3 places u’d NEVER have sex?
8. Give, receive, or 69?
9. Would u sex in front of an audience? For pay or free?
10. If no choice, would u bang a stripper, prostitute, pornstar?
11. Turn on/off if called Mommy/Mamacita; Daddy/Papi in bed?
12. What do u wear to bed?
13. Time u often wake up/sleep?
14. 3 things u’d like to eat/lick off someone?
15. U consider urself attractive?
16. Sex if period is on?
17. How many sex partners is too many and how many have u had?
18. Rather sext with words, nudes, or have camsex?
19. If could only do one sex position for life?
20. U a dom or sub?
21. Are u single or taken?
22. How long does it usually take u to cum?
23. Have u ever cheated/been cheated on?
24. Name one couples role play outfit for sex?
25. Longest u went without sex?
26. Fave style underwear on urself & others?
27. Videoporn, audioporn, or erotica novel? Fave genre?
28. 3 Celebs u’d sex?
29. Tits or ass?
30. Are u currently feeling hot/bothered?

Bonus: Upvote the response of any GAGer you find attractive (based off looks, personality, or answers). Dont worry, that part is anonymous hehe. I’m prob headed to bed in a bit but i’ll post my survey answers in the update. Night y'all ✌️

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+1 y
My answers
1. Not a virgin. Not proud.
2. Into guys
3. Moaners/heavy breathers/talkers
4. 3some with 2 guys ig
5. No sex on first date
6. Would no longer date someone nonreligious
7. Would never have sex at church, on a playground, or in parents room
8. Maybe 69
9. Def wana try in front of audience
10. Bang a male stripper
11. Turn on if called Mamacita
12. Sleep in undies only
13. Wake up 9am; sleep 3am
14. Eat/lick off whipcream, strawberries, and soda
15. Im somewhat attractive
+1 y
16. No Sex if period
17. Over 3-5 sex partners is too many but I've only had 1
18. Sext with words
19. Missionary with leg over his shoulder
20. Dom
21. Taken
22. Cum 2-5 min if nipple stim and 10+ min if clit stim
23. Been cheated on
24. Tarzan/Jane role play
25. 7 soon to be 8 years without sex
26. Boy shorts for me; boxer briefs for him
27. Video/audioporn where people get caught
28. Tom Austen, Matt Kemp, and Usher (before his herpes)
29. #TeamTits
30. Was hot/bothered like an hour ago
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