If a guy doesn't make any noise does that mean he isn't enjoying himself?

My boyfriend never moans or shows any signs that he is pleased or enjoying himself. I never know if Im doing something right or wrong because he doesn't give many verbal signs that he enjoys it except if I ask if he likes it while we are having sex he will say yes, and the last time HE asked ME "you like this?" And I said "mmh yeah. Do you?" And he said "yeah I love it." Which is the only time he ever admitted to enjoying it without me having to ask. Also sometimes I do get little signs like I catch him with his mouth hanging open, he usually closes his eyes or look up at the roof (idk if thats a good or bad sign), he seems into it which is a good sign like he will smack my butt, pull my hair, choke or kiss me (which shows me he is in the moment and focused I guess lol), and he always starts off gentle but gets harder and I have to keep reminding him to be more gentle and he will for a little while but he will always go hard again. Now this all seems like good signs except the fact that aside from some OCCASIONAL dirty talk he doesn't make any noise. When I give him oral sex he just lies there. Mo noise, no signs of pleasure, just lays there chilling. The one time he seem into it was when HE was moving his hips back and forth and moving my head back and forth and I ended up stopping it because I couldnt breathe, but I got back to it on my own. When we are having sex he seems more excited about it but still no noise. I think I heard him moan once but that might have been him just breathing hard. How can I know if my boyfriend is enjoying himself. Like what are more apparent and gaurenteed signs that I can look for?
If a guy doesn't make any noise does that mean he isn't enjoying himself?
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