Errectile dysfunction problem but guy won’t seek help or admit problem?

So. I started seeing a guy and he can not sexually preform like not once but never we have tried for like 2 month and everytime he is only like half-erect and is delusional to think things are physically ready for sex. He has no clue if he isn’t penetrating at all. It doesn’t stop him from trying so much and I am feeling second hand embarrassment for this guy... I keep telling him that things are not going to work ( because from past partners I know better and I know how to get all my former partners off and to get things to work) and he just seems clueless and I can’t get it across to him that he might need some medical help. He claims that nobody else ever had problems before and that he has had sex with loads and loads of girls. Also he can not even fit a condom on all, not even a magnum... which I know fits more blessed men than him just fine. He can’t get any condom on properly... claiming they don’t fit bc he is big, like it’s so beyond awkward that he acts he has never had sex before. But he is late twenties. Because the attempt at sex are so awful and miserable for me and I don’t have the heart tell him he sucks in bed and no way I want risk have “sex” without a confirm so I just do other sexual things but he takes like a fricken hour to get off if ever, and when I tell him I bored or tried out he says that no girl wants a guy who finishes in less than a hour. Which I disagree and I’m so frustrated and bored with all the effort because sometimes I want action too and I can’t get my physical needs met. And he wants a relationship but I can’t see myself happy with somebody who can’t preform or get off most the time? Is that beyond selfish?

I know he had a huge coke and heroine addiction for years in the past and claims he clean... but when I research this it’s said that drug addiction causes erectile dysfunction. But I don’t want to accuse of using again because he keeps so angry.
Errectile dysfunction problem but guy won’t seek help or admit problem?
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