Boyfriend has a very strange fetish? What do I do?

So for a long time I felt something was a bit... unique about my boyfriend. We've been dating for approximately 2 years and by the fourth month he was already exhibiting a few weird signs. For example, he has always been a butt guy and would rub and play with my backside all the time. I don't mind that but it gets weirder. Every relationship has the "accidental fart slip up" moment and his reaction was very strange. Basically we were sitting on the couch watching a movie and as I went to change positions, a tiny fart slipped out and after we finished laughing he was like "That was sexy, babe. You're sexy." When I asked him what he meant because I personally think farts are embarrassing and gross, he admitted that he has a fart fetish. I find that very very strange. I could tell he was shy about admitting it and he's like "Don't judge me for it. We all have our little quirks right?" Well I think that incident sparked something in him because now during sex he'll ask me to fart for him and I just won't. I feel very self-conscious about bodily functions and besides that one time he has never witnessed a single thing! It has gotten to the point where he won't stop nagging me to do it. I thought I could overlook this quirk but I'm considering breaking up because it's not something I signed up for when we started dating. Guys, what do I do?
Boyfriend has a very strange fetish? What do I do?
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