I may have raped my best friend's wife (explained in deets). Am I a bad person?

So my best mate and I went fishing last Saturday and camped out until Sunday morning.
He left his catch with me cause there is no power in his street because of a fault and it won't be fixed until next week.

Anyway, he didn't have time to pick it up so he sent his wife over.
She came straight from the gym and had on those shorts that if a man wore them would be considered underwear.
My freezer is a drawer below my fridge and I told her the catch was in there.
When she bent over I commented that those shorts didn't leave much to the imagination.

In response she did a little booty shake. So my response was to walk over and grab it.
She quickly swung around and slapped me and said no and to behave myself.
But I grabbed it again and said "but no means yes right?"
She didn't answer and I still had my hand there so I peeled down her shorts and walked her to my room where we had sex. It was pretty kinky too but I won't go into detail. All 3 holes.

So she only gave me the one no but made no objection when I went for a second crack and willfully walked to my room with her pants down.
I mean is that actually rape or not?
It was still rape.
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Not rape. She made a pretty clear just silent consent.
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Ok... I'm getting a lot of "you made this up" in the comments section.
If you think that it's up to you and your life probably isn't exciting enough to believe the sorts of things that go on when you're married in your 30's and have other married friends.

Blanket answer to that comment so I won't be answering those anymore.
I may have raped my best friend's wife (explained in deets). Am I a bad person?
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