Why're guys so easy to seduce?

I was horny the other day, and was craving oral sex. So I scoped out some of the guys at the college I go to, and I became interested in one in particular. We talked for a bit, and I invited him over. Talked some more at my place, he's a real friendly guy. Then I bit my lip and moved closer to him while resting my hand on his knee. When his eyes moved down to my hand, I knew I had his attention. So I moved my hand up to the necklace i was wearing and played with it, my fingers close to my cleavage. It became quiet. At this point, I knew he was staring at my breasts. I kissed him on the cheek, and whispered in his ear to ask if he could do me a favor. And he did. Later, I ended up telling him what my intentions were from the start, though. And he said he'd do it again for me if I'd allow it.
I'm kinda surprised by how easy it was to get what I wanted.

Guys, is it easy to seduce you? And why?
Why're guys so easy to seduce?
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