Why does my boyfriend get turned off when he eats me out?

I will first say that it wasn't always like this, and I'm 1,000% sure it's not due to smell, taste, or grooming. I'm ridiculously self aware, I've tasted myself via kissing transfer and it's a very mild taste, and my grooming habits have not changed since high school. I make sure everything is clean.
Anywho, long story short (and yes, this is short) my boyfriend and I dated for about a year and I thought I hit the jackpot with this. He not only was willing to go down on me, but he was enthused about it, and ridiculously good at it as well. Then, we sort of broke up? Ish. He was still very good at eating out while we were "broken up". We got back together officially a couple months after that, and his enthusiasm declined about a month later. I thought that it was insecurity or something, but it's been like this for over a year now. Every other aspect of our relationship is wonderful. We can be serious or goof off and still have a great time, we don't fight often, and when we do, it's respectful on both ends. We're good with each other's friends and family. And we're planning on moving in together soon. Also, aside from this issue, our sex life is fantastic. Never boring, he's still enthused with everything else.
This would be a very small problem IF he wasn't so adamant about doing it. He still thinks it's a great idea to eat me out. But every time he does, it's almost robotic now, and he inevitably loses wood. I've told him hundreds of times (in comfortable settings with varying degrees of serious) that he can just skip it if he doesn't like it anymore. No harm done. I get pleasure from plenty of other aspects of sex. And he'll go ahead and not do it the next couple of times, and we'll both end up satisfied. But then he'll just start up again. And be robotic again. And lose wood again. It's starting to drive me crazy. So 1. Why would that suddenly start turning him off and 2. Why would he keep doing it if he knows it turns him off?
Why does my boyfriend get turned off when he eats me out?
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