Why do women have much more weaker sexual impulse and no sexual attraction?

Girls often say they rarely get horny and rarely get sexual arousing thought even they get wet 2-3 times a month. But sexual feelings is a regular routine for guys. It's like hunger, it comes instinctively frequent.

I have read book (The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine) yesterday, the book refers that

"The sex-related centers in the male brain are actually about two times larger than parallel structures in the female brain. When it comes to the brain, size does make a difference in the way women and men think about, respond to, and experience sex. Men, quite literally, have sex on their minds more than women do. Because of larger sex related center in the brain men get more sexual thoughts and impulse and women less because of small sex related center in brain, may be once in every other day or once a week. Females, from a biological point of view, simply devote less mental space to sexual pursuits"

Girls don't want sex regularly, they don't masturbate much they prefer to have sex for the sake of guy and their relationship.

I also heard heard that girls don't get horny without touch or may be get horny during their ovulation. Except during ovulation (30-3 (ovulation)=27) they don't sexually arouse or get wet. So, calculation say girls get horny 3-4 times a month and only fixed specific time of the month. Everyone say female biology doesn't produce a strong urge to have sex and they only get horny only certain time of the month.


Most common quote of women :
due to biology, testosterone & brain wiring
Women don't experience sexual attraction/physical unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone. Before an emotional connection guys and girls are same for them. Girls see people they think look nice, it's nearly the same as when they see flowers and think they look nice. The only person that they find different is the person whom they have some sort of connection. Random guys = Flower (Platonic) No sexual orientation.
Why do women have much more weaker sexual impulse and no sexual attraction?
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