Am I a Shallow Person for wanting a Virgin to marry?


Am I a Shallow Person for wanting a Virgin to marry?

I'm 27 years old virgin, religious guy.
I'm good looking about 9/10 (as told by many) and I'm 6 feet tall. (1.83 m)
I earn 6 figure salary in Microsoft.

I got so many opportunities to get laid in my life. But all I ever did was making out because sex is not allowed before marriage.

Now, Im looking for a woman to marry.

When I take her out for a date , I tell her that I don't want to hide anything, I had a lot of casual sex and a lot of relationships. (I lie)

And She says she had few relationships as well.

I block her after that. She is out.

My friends told me that I'm shallow to want a virgin. But I think that if I can control my desires and save myself for 1 woman.

Why should I accept a woman who didn't respect her body, who didn't respect her future husband when she opened her legs in front of a guy just for temporary pleasure.

Also, i have seen on Google that a woman who had a lot of past sexual partners can never become a good wife and a good mother.
And the risk of promiscuity and divorce goes up dramatically.

I don't want to sleep with one eye open for the rest of my life.

Loyalty is my top priority, and I will never accept a disloyal, promiscuous woman as my wife.

Am I a shallow person?
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Am I a Shallow Person for wanting a Virgin to marry?
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