Should I prostitute?

Im a struggling woman and 9 to 5 i just dont make enough. Since shit loads of guys are always begging for my pussy and interested in it before, if ever, my personality. Since i like to fuck so much and my sex is damn good. Should i turn my sex into a profit to make MORE money on top of my regular job?

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  • The question you need to ask yourself is would you regret it long term?

    It’s your body and you make your choices what you do with it but you gotta think of it long term and the risks attatched to the situation if you go down that route.

    No one can judge because it’s your choice but as long as you know what consequences it comes with or regrets then be fully prepared for it.


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  • Better would be try out Go-Go dancing... most of my female friends do that and make $$$$ just dancing.. also getting drinks bought for you. $400/night is a light day or if she doesn't do the $20/lap dance.

    If you are good at flirting could make $1,000+ with the right crowd.

    I think Prostitution, Physical saftey/STD is a last resort thing.

    • im a bbw. im sure they are skinny that wouldn't work for me

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    • where is your proof that 8 out of 10 curvy girls are googles. they dont accept REAL curvy/chubby girls who have a little belly or bigger arms.

    • True I think a lot of people use curvy to often... a skinny girl (like this)

      with small Bs and a round (not big of any sort) as Curvy is incorrect.

      I also think Heavy girls use curvy... to make themselves look/feel better. A Muffing top or a pear shape girl is not curvy. (example below)

  • If it's legal where you live, or you're going to relocate to a place where it is, you shouldn't. It's dangerous work even when the law is on your side and you have protections. It's not worth it otherwise, in my opinion.
    Also, your sex probably isn't as "damn good" as you think. Especially in terms of paying customers. Just because some loser who begged for your pussy thought you were good, that doesn't even remotely compare to the expectations of someone who is paying for it. Chances are, you won't be most customers' first prostitute. Some men who hire women do so exactly because most women aren't as good as they think and hiring a professional is a better option than sleeping around to find a decent lay and praying she doesn't end up being a psycho.
    Finally, some people who hire prostitutes have very weird fetishes and fantasies. If you want to be successful, you'll have to be fairly accommodating. There are review sites for escorts. If you're not that great in bed and/or don't do freaky shit, you'll have very few repeat customers and eventually your market will dry up.

  • Do you have to pay extra tax or claim it as an income?

    In Aus, if you're working two jobs then the tax involved with a second job makes it not worth it. Some people even work 3 here (very rare) and the tax they pay makes the wage meaningless in the literal sense.

    Maybe find yourself another job that pays better rather than doing something potentially life threatening. Seems like it's going to an extreme.

  • Here's the deal..
    -If it's legal in your place, do so on your own consent.
    -Once you enter the industry, there's no turning back. It's forever a part of you, even if you quit.
    -Prepare to be judged by the "righteous". People may not throw stones at you, but some people will look down on you, condescend you, abuse you, hate you, bash you. You need to learn how to ignore them.
    -If your family isn't open-minded, or religious, you may not be able to talk to them about this.
    -Prepare to have a regular check-up for STDs.
    -Remember that this isn't a permanent thing. You'll have money as long as your body is desirable. Look undesirable and you'll be out of business. Save money.
    -Don't do drugs.
    -Always, always protect yourself.

  • I mean if you're doing this on your own, and you're not forced into it, sure. It's your body, and if you're comfortable doing it, I don't see why you shouldn't. As long as you trust your clients to a degree, and you're being smart and safe about it.

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  • Yes, but be careful because when they fall in love, you end up in danger. they start thinking they are your man, and try to get other men to avoid you, thinking it gives them a better chance to be number one. Men are always looking to buy the cow, even if it's a whore.

  • I mean obviously the 'right' answer would be no, however our opinions aren't going to stop you, but be sure to be safe and honest with yourself.

  • If you want to, go ahead. Why not try becoming a sugar baby? Plus that doesn't even require sex

    • I don't think you know how hard it is for girls to become sugar babies, it's highly competitive and you need to be a 10/10 to land a decent client.

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    • @KaramelKisses There's a ton of videos online about how to start up and everything. I even considered doing it once. There's a website i believe, and if you do your research you'll see that some of the clients pay you just for your company.

    • Is there any books on this?

  • If you are comfortable with it, get that money! Why not?

  • There's probably an employment agency near where you are, they can help you find the kind of job you need or manage your money so you do have what you need. But you could search for jobs anywhere around the world. Like did you know you can nanny in Europe and even have your own living space? You can apply for jobs out of your area, even if you need to move for them, if they pay enough it'll be worth it or you could even do something online like uploading videos to lynda. com or youtube about something you're good at (even if it's like "how to make great lemon slice"). There are so many other options. It might be difficult to see anything but the benefits and the money right now but this path does NOT lead to somewhere you want to go. There's a reason people are literally rescued from this industry.

    • Are the people rescued forced prostitutes? Do they have pimps? Or are they prostitutes by choice?

    • The right way i can do in the process while prostituting. The process takes too long and bills dont wait plus i want to be things i want too, be independent. The 9 to 5 ONLY route isn't working out for me.

    • The people are rescued are often; forced prostitutes, people who have been manipulated (by money reasons, boyfriends/relatives/family) or those who felt they had no other option or deserved no other role. But also ones who've been prostitutes for a while & don't know how to get out. Also because a lot of pimps/manager/employers/boyfriends can be really against the idea of them not making money for them anymore. If 9 to 5 isn't working then maybe you need longer hours or a different industry. Some employers offer training if the person is willing to do the job and a lot of businesses are open to international employees and there would probably be jobs around where you live in different industries that would pay what you need, you just need to search them. Like, online I mean. Figure out what the lowest pay is that you can survive on and what you want to be earning and see what comes up. These option might take a little bit longer but they'll be so much better in the long run.

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