Are women more illogical than men?

It would seem that the answer is "yes": Guys think using logic, girls think using emotion. Or am I missing something?

Girls think that being pinned down and choked the fuck out during sex makes them feel "safe" and "protected".

They have normal thin bodies then post photos of themselves asking "Am I fat?".

They walk around dressed the same way a prostitute dresses when she's trying to attract the most clients then wonder why or get offended when guys only wanna use them for sex and not actually date them.

They tell their boyfriends "I'm fine" when something's really bothering them then later get mad at him for not realizing she meant the opposite.

They watch lesbian porn while claiming to be 100% straight.

They moan and scream during intercourse when they're least likely to orgasm but are mostly silent when they masturbate and have an almost 100% chance of reaching orgasm.

These are the main examples I can think of that make women seem quite illogical. And sorry if you're a girl who doesn't fit into any of these stereotypes, I'm just talking about the general picture here. I'm sure girls can come up with an equally long list of things guys do that seem illogical as well, and I'm quite keen to hear them.

So who are the more illogical creatures, men or women?
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Are women more illogical than men?
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