My boyfriend follows half naked chicks in his social medias?

My boyfriend of 1.5 years follows and adds half naked chicks on his social medias. Also follows chicks he knows that he used like (or still does). Last two night i noticed he followed this chick he used to talk about to me and i know for a fact that he likes her. He has told me she is perfect with a round booty bc she os a gymnast.. Yes he said those words. I asked him and he goes "yup". He then unfollowed her. I didn't ask why and he hasn't brought it up.

Back to the naked chicks. He added a few on SC and a few on IG.. Noth the same chicks either. I know guys love naked chicks but i feel like this is too far. Im ashamed to admit that I feel very insecure that I don't even send him nudes and hide in the sheets when we have sex.. Lile I wrap myself in sheets. He doesn't hype me up when i send him nudes.. I get ❤❤❤ kisses emojis "thats my girl""my girl thicc".. One disappointing one to me was " pretty pussy, thanks for sharing" bit he saves them all. Not only am I insecure but i feel like he doesn't need my nudes. He follows a ton of half near naked chicks.

Also I feel that's why he only cums when im in a doggy style position or when he jerks himself on me. Oral or positions where we are facing each other.. He doesn't at all. He tells me im great and he's satisfied with me, that im "beautiful" and "sexy". I feel like he thinks of those naked women... I don't know what to do.. Im ashamed that Im allowing this to affect me like this. I have cried as well
My boyfriend follows half naked chicks in his social medias?
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