I’m completely straight, but had a lesbian dream?

I’ve always liked men. My first crush was the boy named Evan back in Kindergarden and oh my gosh I liked him so much and he liked me as well! Even throughout elementary I had so many crushes on boys. I didn’t have my first boyfriend until the beginning of my senior year of high school. I liked so many boys before that as well, but they all wanted to mess around instead of being my boyfriend. I’m not that kind of girl. I’m in college now and back during my finals in December I was on Instagram before I went to bed. I was super tired and was watching a trailer called “The babysitter” featuring Bella Thorne. It had some lesbian orgy kissing scene. I closed the app out because it was stupid and I was tired. That night I had a dream about a girl eating me out. I have NEVER had a dream about another girl in a sexual way EVER. I woke up the next day crying and drenched with sweat. The dream felt so real yet so wrong. I have really bad anxiety, a tendency to overthink until it drives me crazy, and blow small bs out of proportion. The weird thing is I find no girl at my college attractive at all. I did however find 2 really cute boys in my computer class, 1 in my English class, and 2 in my speech class. I’m confused as to where this dream came from and why someone like me would have such a disgusting dream. I am in NO way shape or form attracted to girls nor would I EVER in a million years let some girl go down on me. I told my friends about it because I’m so hung up over this dream and they said “Girl your not gay or bisexual.” Or “Uh there's no way you’re gay” and I know that! I even told my parents and they said “We all do things in dreams that we would never do. Try not to worry” But I can’t help BUT worry. But my anxiety is so bad and i became depressed over it. I don’t want these nasty thoughts about women. I’ve never been attracted to women and never want to be! I’m only attracted to men mentally and physically. But why did I have such dream? Please help me...
I’m completely straight, but had a lesbian dream?
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