Who has better orgasms?

always wanted to know this.

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how can girls be so sure that they have so much better orgasms?


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  • I think it's only better for them because they have them less often


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  • This is hard to really answer seeing as I have no idea how it feels like to be a guy and have an orgasm.

  • hmmm difficult...girls have multiple...so maybe girls...

    so far the most I have had multiple is 3 or 4...but had to relax...i dunno I should really ask my boy how his are lol

  • for girls, its more difficult to get an orgasm.

    • Yes but you can have multiple orgasms

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    • I've heard that if you hold your pee, it can produce bladder problems. ;) try stroking the taint ) the spot between the bunghole and balls, there is a sensitive spot that guys love! Also, you if the girl can hold off on the orgasm for the guy by stringing out his fun, then it can be wholly satisfying for the guy.

    • That is awesome! such great answers girls... much appreciated... definitely the holding on for as long as possible can help but it doesn't give multiple... and I have heard the pee thing as well but I have never tried it... don't want bladder problems now do i!! I have heard about the spot between your arse and penis but I can't say it does anything for me really... maybe I haven't had the right teacher!!!! lol thx anyway girls

  • they are both different but I think girls is more unique and rare. guys have been orgasming since they first started masturbating. whereas its harder to get a girl to orgasm sometimes so when it happens its just amazing.

  • I can easily decide in this case. Girls have better orgasms.


What Guys Said 5

  • They're slightly different, I've had weak ones and strong long lasting ones. It depends on how well you're being stimulated and the build up. Stronger PC muscles help A LOT. My girlfriend explained hers to me,she said she feels a tingle in her spine then it shoots up and down her back cold then it travels to her pelvic region and gets really hot and she feels waves of tingly pulsating pleasure travel all around her body then she cries. I don't feel a cold tingle in my spine when I come but I give a bigger reaction from my orgasm than she does. So neither is stronger they're just different in few ways.

    People react to pain and pleasure differently anyway.

  • Ugh, this is such a debateable but easy question. WE BOTH HAVE BASICALLY THE SAME ORGASMS, AND YES, WE BOTH CAN HAVE MULTIPLE ORGASMS.

    The penis is basically the same as the clitoris, but it's been reported by transvestites that they have a much more intense sensation with a penis.

    The Prostate is the same thing as a G-Spot. When you stimulate it, you can have multiple full-bodied orgasms.

    see, we both have, basicaly, the SAME types of orgasms.

  • when they do, they really do have a much better orgasms. and thats cause its hard to find the G-spot, when you do, they go all over and it 10 times more sensitive for them so they get all that crazy feeling and squirt everywhere.

    trust me on this one.

  • Women, but only because they can have multiple ones.

  • I do, I do