Is it normal for a man to have these sexual fantasies about women?

*when she's giving you oral, you grab her hair and pull her face in to force your dick down her throat
*you rough her up until she bruises/bleeds
*you shove your hands down her panties to feel her up while sticking her tongue down your throat, just randomly throughout the day
*you tie her hands and legs to the bedposts and tease her clit and nipples for a looong time, with your hands, mouth and toys, until she's begging for release; stopping just as she's about to orgasm, and doing this over and over again, just to torture her
*You cum all over her face, and all over the place, before making her to lap it all up and swallow it down
*lots of sexual teasing
*you slap her hard, if she deserves it
*you grab her tits, and by the pussy, and say 'these belong to me'
*you make her bow down and kiss your feet every morning, while you puts your foot on the back of her head
* you make her masturbate for your entertainment
* she has to be naked around the house, do all the housework, and serve you and your friends drinks
* you whip her when you're stressed out, then make her kneel while you stand over her as she gives you oral sex
*she has to call you 'Master', and to address your friends and family formally
*she exists to serve you, and to be your sex toy
*You make her wear a chastity device to lock away her pussy, and when you're feeling evil, you add an electric needle poking into her clit which tases her whenever she gets wet (or wets herself).
*You use a pump to engorge her pussy and make it swollen, then slap it hard
*You spank her ass, hard, until it's red and raw, before fucking her hard up the ass
*you pour dripping hot wax over her pussy and nipples
*she has to sleep naked on the floor, fully exposed, while you sleep on the bed under a blanket
*at kink parties, she has to wear a dog collar, and kneel beside you, while you hold her leash
Have you ever done any of these things IRL? And is it normal to sexually fantasize about girls in this way?
  • Yes, it's only natural
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  • Yes, most men are sick misogynistic perverts
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  • No idea/results
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  • No, most men are submissive cucks these days
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  • No, it's evil and wrong
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, I couldn't answer this by the vote options, but I can only say that, in the right places and circumstances, that's normal. That's usually something that might just be your kind of thing as a dominant in BDSM. I recommend you to search about BDSM, domination/submission, etc.
    You're not exactly being misogynistic because it seems (at least to me) that you have your fetishes and fantasies, and that's something everyone has. You just need to know that women are people too outside of that lol, and I hope you think that in the entire spectrum of life and outside of a BDSM context 😅


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think SOME of them are pretty normal, dunno about all of them. There's no option for that so I'm not voting.

    • Not even for the "No idea/results" option in the poll?

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What Girls Said 9

  • Do you need someone to escort you to your local psych ward?

    • Not particularly, thank you. Why would I?

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    • I don't think I would've liked either. I'm speaking from my experiences as a victim of sexual assault and some of the things you've listed sound awfully close to what other victims have gone through, which I truly find weird on both ends. It's inconceivable for me that someone would enjoy it this much, or that someone would like to experience this much pain/think they're deserving of it.
      I know what BDSM usually consists of (though it's not something I'm interested in for personal reasons), but a few things up there seem really blurry between actual abuse and BDSM. That's my argument summed up so far, not very coherent now that I look at it but I might be more or less biased considering my trauma. I suppose some people don't care at all about the reasoning behind all this and just want to experience it though.

    • Sexual desires aren't supposed to be either logical or reasonal. And sexual fantasies certainly aren't. That's why they remain fantasies. If they were, then rape fantasies wouldn't be a thing, would they? But the fact of the matter is that rape fantasies aren't just a thing, but an extremely common, popular, and even normal thing. Is it weird? Sure. Is it disturbing? Undoubtedly. But sexuality isn't dictated by common sense or reason.

  • Most of these things are just straight up mental.
    You watch a lot of porn, don't you?

    • Actually, no. I just copied the list from this guy's thread (https://www. girlsaskguys. com/sexual-behavior/q3128014-is-it-normal-to-imagine-or-dreaming-about-women-like-this), and switched things round to see if it would be deemed normal and acceptable for the male dom to fantasize about doing these things to a female submissive, as it was for the male submissive to fantasize about having these things done to him by a fem-dom in the prior thread. The results thus far are very enlightening. In spite of the fact that the male-dom/fem-sub dynamic is far more common, and hence more normal from an objective standpoint, the overwhelming majority thus far deem it to be abnormal, evil and wrong. Why do you think this is?

    • Okay. Well most of these things seem like some kind of torture to me. The kind of things that are probably shown in hardcore bdsm videos, or something like that (I don't really want to verify)
      I've read that porn addiction can have this kind of effects and rewire someone's brain. You start by watching classic porn with 2 persons having sex, then you get bored and start watching something a bit more hardcore, and it goes on to more extreme videos. Then you start fantasizing about these things that only happen in porn and expect to do the same things in your own sexual life.
      Don't get me wrongs, kinks can spice up a couple's sexual life, but these are just too extremes.
      No matter who is the dom and who is the sub, I honestly believe that this is twisted.

    • Sorry if I made mistakes by the way, English isn't my first language

  • Its totally alright if both partners are consenting. You'll find many women out there who have same fantasies on receiving end.
    It all comes down to the consent. Thats what differs these fantasies fron abuse, and harassment.

  • Thankfully not a single one of those plays any part in my life.

  • Go see a psychiatrist asap

  • I'm all for roughing it up in the bedroom but this sounds a bit extreme brah. That said, you obviously know of a dominant/submissive relationship and you know there are women who are into all that.. so are you really trying to see where your moral compass is or just bragging about your fantasies?

    • Nah, I just came across a guy who was desperately into having all of that done to him, so I wanted to see how people would react to the same question if the guy was fantasizing about doing all of that to a girl, as opposed to fantasizing about a girl doing all of those things to him instead.

  • It’s normal don’t worry. My guy/dom does all of those things except for the electric needle/taser and the kissing of his feet.

    • Well, the electric needle/taser thing was the closest counterpart I could come up with for this:

      "*she puts your penis in a chastity device. And when she's feeling evil, she puts your penis in a chastity device with metal spikes which pierce your penis if you get an erection, and then she undresses right in front of you".

  • Fuck honestly you made me really wet

  • Sounds really hot to me honestly only a few are to extreme for me

    • Alright, cool. Which ones do you feel would be too extreme for you (besides the chastity device, which I only really added for the sake of symmetry)?

    • Well thats one of them and the hot wax beyond that the rest seems fine to me

    • And the feet thing

What Guys Said 4

  • Is that how you would want your daughter to be treated? Serious question.

    • If she derived pleasure and satisfaction from being treated that way, then I'd have to be okay with it. Because it's all about whatever makes them happiest in life, isn't it?

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    • So you would force your own daughter to go through gay conversion therapy, and deny her her right to her sexuality. And you have the gall to say that I should never have a daughter? You're a disgrace.

    • You need help immediately. Call a doctor.

  • Yes, it's only natural

  • sick misogynistic pervert


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