Relationship but confused?

I am seeing these guys one guy wants to keep me and so does the other guy. Why am I feeling stressed out? I am scared to be in a relationship and always will be. I am dating him now apparently... Is it because he can eat pussy good or something else.. I feel like I'm feeling guilty on doing this to him and I just met him not that long ago !! Uugh...


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  • Ur stressed because you are seeing two different guys, and they want you to just see one of them. Do they know about each other? If not, and you’re not looking to be in a relationship with either of them, is it guilt? You know they want something real and you don’t, but telling them that would cause you to lose them?

    • Yes I agree and no they don't know about each other.

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    • I want someone to spoil me not just in sex more like take me out on a date or spend time with

    • I’m sorry but you shouldn’t even be dating. Playing two guys, talking trash about them (not even so much on here but in your head), and you just want to be spoiled. Seriously, it’s like everything guys don’t want in dating these days all wrapped into one post lol. Have a heart, hear your conscious, and go date fuck boys as that seems to be all your looking for...

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  • Which guy can eat pussy good?

    • The guy I'm seeing he's on the larger side but loves to eat pussy and it feels amazing

    • If he's the one you're really seeing, and he eats you good, just drop the other guy.

  • Omg people on this site are fucked up


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