Ladies, which of these embarrassing moments in front of your crush would you rather choose?

let's say that you invite your friends and your crush over to your house and then as your friends are partying, you are talking with your crush while wearing a bikini and suddenly, one of your female friends gets behind you and she playfully unclasps your bra which cause it to fall and meanwhile your crush is in front of you looking at your breasts. or would you rather for your friend to come behind you and pull down your panties which causes your crush's eyes to look at your revealed vagina.
  • i would rather have my female friend unclasp my bra as my crush is standing in front of me and stares at my boobies
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  • i would rather have my female friend pull down my panties which causes my crush to look at my vagina
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  • boobies
    but if i was in single piece dress covering my boobs and my ass i would have my friend come behind and pull that down lol just give a full view to my crush so he can see whats on offer lol

  • Boobs

  • Boobies


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