How to get used to the fact that I am a woman repellent and manlet?

Unfortunately I am a manlet , a pussy man who is physically weaker and smaller than majority of the women.
I lack muscle strength, am tiny built , short height male , majority of females are stronger and taller than me.
If that was not enough I am excessively hairy as well.

I know I know I am a manlet, effeminate male , pussy man etc etc. And I am certified woman repellent.

How to get used to this fact?

I am now fed up of being alone, lonely and now even masturbating doesn't appeals to me but I do it as a need only.


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  • I cannot deal with you... What are you a troll?


    If not then no wonder why you don't like hairy men... You just don't like yourself. That's sad dude.

    • Exactly. Now you got me why I have hairy men!
      True, I have ALWAYS hated the fact that I am way above average hairy for a man. Unfortunately :/
      Why would I like such a messy thing?😏

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    • And again that's all you. You gee yourself as an animal. Stop trying to convince us other hairy men are just bc you view yourself as such no matter how many time you make and rephrase the same topic... Majority of Women will choose hairy men. Why bc its attractive and manly. Get over it!!!

    • @cosmicc
      Majority of Women will choose hairy men. Why bc its attractive and manly. "πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜’
      Not really.
      Although different people have different criteria of a " hairy man". For some a man having some leg hair is also considered hairy man while for some they say a man having lot of chest hair is a hairy man.
      So maybe most people would say a man having some leg hair is a hairy man and hence they would like it?πŸ€”
      But anyway, if you are so confident about it that most women find hairy men manly and attractive, why don't you ask a poll question here and see what do they say?
      Show me the question as well. Let me see wether you are right or I am.

  • Dude most girls don’t care about what you look like... just have some confidence ☺️

    • Most do care. It's but natural

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  • That attitude you have while making this, I know what you're thinking "but it's true" that's what women don't want. Not every girl is after Brad Pitt, people fall in love with another. Could you imagine someone trying to fall in love with someone who has no faith in themself. The harsh reality of this is that you need to see things a lot differently then you do now. It isn't about getting the girl. It's about what makes you happy. And I can tell you right now with that attitude towards yourself, you won't find it. Do something you've never done to get something you've never had. (sorry if it was brutal but been where you are, helped me find what I needed)

  • Weak men are not toxic like alphas who women hate after time


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What Girls Said 3

  • Troll.

    • He’s not trolling fam

    • @Julia420 Oh yeas he is. He asks the same few questions over and over for months at a time. He does it so people will get perturbed and argue with him.

    • @Julia420 He old me he does it out of boredom.

  • That's not a fact. Being smaller and hairy doesn't make you woman repellent. If anything having no confidence might be your problem.
    Lote of guys who are worse looking than you have girlfriends or wives who love them. You can find a girl who will like you I'm sure, there are plenty who don't care what you look like, or prefer you to be that way.

    If you don't think yourself worthy to be found attractive, that there is your real problem. If you act like you're ugly it will be really hard for people to think otherwise. And if you can't be happy on your own, you won't even be happy in a relationship. It starts with how you see yourself. You aren't ugly unless you think you are.
    (Plus I've seen you, and no you aren't ugly. You're just too focused on height and hair. There's more to looks than height and hair. They aren't so important as you think they are.)

  • I don't know.

    • How do you feel about such manlet pussy male?

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  • The only thing that makes you not manly is calling yourself a manlet and a pussy, and shit like that. Hold you head up.

    • My head would still be lower than a woman's head because of my height

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    • Come on dude.
      Money isn't everything

    • That's sort of what I just said. It's not about how much money you make.

      If you aren't getting a woman, it's not any of those things I mentioned. It's something else. As long as you keep thinking its about height or any of those things, you won't figure out the real reason (s).

      There may be other things involved, but the kind of self judgment like you are doing here is definitely a negative. There are some things you can change and some you can't. This self judgment is something you can change.

  • Weak ploy by weak excuse of man to try to get woman to make sympathy sexy time. Does a not count as legitimate sexy time. Try different approach. Woman is smarter than fall for pathetic approach like a this.

  • Lift weights, get a good job, give zero fucks.
    Be this man:

    • Aww
      And get whole body waxed?

  • I know a short, quite slim guy who is happily married.

  • Become a trap


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