How to tell if a guy has a "daddy kink"?

I kind of started getting a daddy kink from a guy I was seeing before my current boyfriend I found it weird he wanted me to call him Daddy at first but I found out I really like it I've hid it from my current boyfriend for several years recently he's been calling himself daddy a lot like when i was upset the one day he was like "sit on daddy's lap" I started calling him Daddy to and he never said anything about it I bought him a drink on father's day and told him happy daddy's day just joking around our friend turned around looked at us super confused and he was like "like you know like a sexual daddy" so I feel like he might have one but a couple days before I asked him "what do you think about being called Daddy" and he told me he thought it was weird but he'd rather be called that than most other pet names so I thought maybe he didn't I can't tell and I'm afraid to ask or tell him I have one since we've been together for a while, is there any way to tell?
How to tell if a guy has a "daddy kink"?
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