My boyfriend gets turned on by my sexual past?

Being my boyfriend, I would never hide a secret from him, so very soon after our sex life started, I told him every encounteer I have had, and he did the same.

It resulted we had a lot in commom even there, as we were both abused when we were kids. However, there was a big difference with the grade of abusement, as the fartest he went when kid was kind of penetrating his older cousin. I, on the other hand, was involved in actually consented sex with my step-father from age 12 to 16, until he died.

Despite the difference ik number was huge too, as I had had slept with 15 men and 3 women, while it had only been 2 women for him, by the age we were both 17, when we started dating, what's important here is the time I used to do it with my step-father.

Honestly, by that time I already knew what I was doing, and I didn't feel like I was being abused at all. On the other hand, it was the fact that my step-dad discovered I was in love with him, what led him to begin touching me, and it were also my positive reactions what finally led him to start having sex with me.

All of that, I told my boyfriend, and despite at first he took it in a very comprehensive way, after three years of relationship, he started asking me about those times in detail, after one night, when the topic came from some casual conversation, I made him know that I used to have an orgasm with my step-father almost everytime, just as I do with him.

Since then, he kept constantly asking me to tell him the stories of me with my step-dad, to the point that I'm almost run out of them, or at least the ones I can remember.

However, that is not the real problem here. It was clear that my past was getting him turned on, and it wasn't a problem for me doing so, because as I've said, I didn't end up traumatized or anything. The real deal here is that lately I've been recently becoming aroused by those memories too, to the grade that my boyfriend and I have started role-playing about it.

Any thoughts?
My boyfriend gets turned on by my sexual past?
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