Girls, how does it feel when a guy cums inside you?

My girlfriend and I were talking the other evening and I am not even sure how we got to discussing it but she said to me that she still remembers the first time I came inside her. I didn't think too much of it at the time and I think all I said was something like, "That's sweet" or something.

It got me to thinking, though. I have no reason to doubt my girlfriend, obviously, but how does it feel to you ladies? I don't just mean physically - though I mean that, too (does it feel special in some way?) - but does it mean something special to you emotionally? Does it make the sex better - even if maybe you don't want to get pregnant? For that matter, does the idea that it might get you pregnant make it better in some sense?

Truth in advertising, my girlfriend and I have lived together for ten years and have three children - the first two were unplanned pregnancies. So obviously our view of it - and her's specifically - is a little bit different. We never worried about pregnancy all that much and were happy when it happened.

Thanks for your insights. (I will ask my girlfriend about this and just sort of what to compare what she says to what other women feel.)
Girls, how does it feel when a guy cums inside you?
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