Women, why do you keep letting men treat you like you're dumb?

I'm a virgin and I never masturbated. I don't watch porn and I am usually not attracted to people based off their looks. I don't drink, smoke, party or do drugs. I'm also on my way to medical school.

Some men have he audacity to try to bully me into loweribg my standards and will treat you like you're crazy.

No you cannot follow your ex, talk to your ex or have pictures of your ex. If you have female friends and you're a make, don't even talk to me.

Delusional men and women call me crazy when I tell them they're walking into a shit storm. They're like, you're 18 years'old what do you know.

I know every guy that has ever kept pictures of his ex, follows or talks to her, eventually ended up dating her again. She fucking marked her territory. That girl isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

I also know men who have crazy ass female friends or ex's that'll try to play the cool role and fuck your relationship up.

I also know many men aren't capable of having mature adult relationships. These days a man has to talk to his family, his friends, his ex's etc. Everyone about whether or not he should date you.

Men are fucking slow. They treat every girl they consider how like a fucking princess and if they, their friends, family, etc. Don't think you're hot, they're gonna tell them to do better.

I simply don't fuck with males like that. I'm only 18 years' old but I've ran into so many stupid men of all ages who believe they're dating experts, when they're obviously not.

If my son came to me and asked if he should continue dating his middle school/hot school sweetheart in his 20s, I would legit look at him like he is retarded. I never took young relationships seriously.

A man obviously isn't interested in a mature relationship if he is surrounded by his ex's and girl friends.

All the men I knew who did this ended up divorced or messed up situations.

Men are so stupid now a days, they don't even know how to court a lady.
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Dear feminist and social justice warrior women, what happened to being sisters? Since when did we started calling each other pick me and bitches? Oh yeah, reminds me why I never fell into the feminist and social justice warrior trap. I'm a pick me bitch because I'm a good girl and you madddddd. Mad haters.
Women, why do you keep letting men treat you like you're dumb?
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