Is there a fear of any sexual act which you wish you could be rid of?


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  • I have an aversion to anal intercourse but don't wish to be rid of it.

    • Your aversion is my very real fear. It took my very dear girlfriend's life.

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    • No. He was inexperienced and he ruptured her badly inside. She bled profusely from both sides, and although the bleeding was stopped, some kind of poisoning spread internally throughout and she went.

    • Hard to think about. Sorry.

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  • vaginal intercourse. some days im feelin super horny and feel like i want it and then others i feel like it'd be too much and wonder about my sexuality for a good 10 min

    • But if you're super horny, you don't really fear it, do you?

    • no. i usually lust for it in that moment

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