What is "cant take D***" and why is it so bad?

So I saw a facebook post that said is it worse if a woman can't suck d, can't take d, just lies there, or won't arch her back. And a lot of men said "Can't take D". And I wasn't neccesarily offended but I remember how hard it was at times to adjust to having my ex boyfriend inside of me. It hurt! I couldnt stop it from hurting no matter what. It also felt good, and it was pain mixed with pleasure. I enjoyed sex and initiated it. I wouldn't run from the D so much as I would tell him he was hurting me or to slow down whenever it got too much to take. Sometimes I wouldn't even try to stop him even if it hurt, I would just moan and say "owww" at the same time. Sometimes before he put it in I would tell him to be gentle and not to be rough. Sometimes when riding or when he was behind me It would feel like he was hitting my cervix bug I would still arch my back and I would still ride him. It just seems unfair to say a woman isn't good at sex if a mans penis hurts her. What are we suppose to do about that? I honestly think if anything I could tske it and was taking it, but I reminded my ex at times that it hurt sometimes because it fucking did. I dont want to lie there in pain while he is having the time of his life that isn't fair. Also, to be honest I enjoyed sex with him like I said it was pain and pleasure. I wanted to have sex with him and I liked having sex with him and he clearly liked having sex with me or else we wouldn't have had sex so often, so many times a night. But still, would I fall into the category of not being able to take dick?
What is "cant take D***" and why is it so bad?
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