Does this mean I'm "loose" or something?

I know that a vagina technically can't get loose unless you have lots of children and stuff and even then, it's not really loose. I guess I'm asking if my vagina may be bigger than normal. A few nights ago, I had sex with my boyfriend. I'm on the pill so I usually let him cum in me. After he cums in me, it immediately leaks out of me. It either leaks out while I'm still laying down or when I stand up, it's like a waterfall going down my leg. (His cum is watery, too. Does that mean he doesn't have very good orgasms with me?) Why does it leak out of me so fast? I want to have at least enough time to put underwear on without getting cum on the bed or the floor.. Does that mean that my vagina is big since I can't keep his cum inside me for more than one minute? And why is his cum watery with me? His cum is thicker and white when I give him a bj so is he not having good orgasms in my pussy? He always used to like the missionary position and he would finish in that position frequently. Now his favorite to finish in is doggy.. I've heard doggy makes the girl feel tighter so maybe I feel big in other positions to him? Everytime we have sex now, he wants to finish by cumming in doggy. Don't get me wrong, I love that position but why has he started finishing in that position everytime? And lastly, sometimes he won't go down on me. He has never complained of a bad smell or taste, but sometimes he just won't. He says i actually smell and taste really good, but when he goes down on me, his dick is less hard than it was before he started. :( Does this mean he doesn't like giving me oral? He swears it turns him on and he swears it is enjoyable, but I don't believe him because his dick kind of goes down when his head is between my legs.. I feel crazy but could someone help me with all of this please? Thank you in advance.
Does this mean I'm "loose" or something?
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