Girls, is it important for a virgin guy, who does NOT know how to use it, or eat a woman, to have a big dick?

You always say it is how you use it... Let's take that out of the situation... What if he is a virgin, and does not know how to?


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  • So you're expecting us to ignore the actual answer? Size does not matter, whether you're a virgin or not.

  • Doesn't know what he's doing plus big is the worst combination, just gonna be painful

    • Well, for me, I am a virgin, but only average... Would that be different?

  • Then hopefully the woman you’re with knows that and knows communication is key to good sex.
    The thing is no one thing works for every woman, we’re all different. The other thing too is, depending on the woman and how experienced she is and how well she knows what does it for her.
    You can’t really be held responsible for bad sex if 1) she doesn’t know what works for her or 2) she does know what works for her but isn’t willing to speak up and help you satisfy her sexually.

    • No a big dick isn’t important. End of story.
      For me it matters more if he satisfies me or at least tries damn hard to.

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    • Oral sex is actually what’s most important for most women. So your penis size isn’t really something you should be too concerned about.
      So when you find a woman and you have sex be sure to please her before you put your dick in her.
      9/10 if you put her sexual satisfaction before yours it works out far better for you. Most women like to please the man their with. Of course there are some selfish or lazy ones but, for the most part, if you give her what she needs she will do her best for you too.

    • Fair enough :)

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